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Listed below are the available downloads for Voice Connect software. Some software may require a license in order to function.

SMS Desk SMS Desk allows you to send messages from a desktop client rather than having to load up the web site each time you want to send a text message. It shows your address book of the mobile numbers which you have already entered on the web site, and shows delivery status of messages within the last 24 hours without you having to visit the web site. It runs in a convenient small window on your desktop (similar to Microsoft's MSN Messenger) or you can run it full window with an email style interface.
  Requires : Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 and a per machine license from Voice Connect (please ring +44 (0)1162 324 640).

Download : SMSDesk.2.01.0004.EXE
Manual : SMSDeskUserGuide.pdf

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